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Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress as a Beginner

So, you plan on starting a new blog for yourself. There are hundreds of options available for you to do so. However, still, most people ignore these options and straightaway go for WordPress. So, what makes WordPress so popular?

Here are 15 great reasons why you should consider WordPress development for your first website.

No Coding Required

Unlike most of the other platforms that require a knowledge to code, WordPress does not require any. Instead, you can make use of the existing templates as easily as you play with MS Paint on your computer.

Free of Cost Setup

WordPress is free up to a certain extent. You don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone unless you wish to install integration and scale the website to a whole new level. This makes it a perfect choice for the casual blogger.

Intuitive Interface

The interface on the website is one of the most intuitive ones that you can find online. You can easily drag and drop content and website design themes on the web pages.

Reliability of WordPress

WordPress is by far one of the most reliable web development platforms on the internet.

Effective Time Management

You can effectively manage your time on the web development platform by installing simple tools that let you do so.

Easy Online Tutorials

You can find thousands of tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to create a WordPress website from scratch in a couple of hours.

Multiple-Users at a Time

Unlike other web development platforms that require user role access to make changes, WordPress is accessible to multiple people at the same time. Therefore, you and your friend can work on the website simultaneously.

Easiest Way to Blog

It is the perfect choice for bloggers since the website is designed in the most intuitive way for them. Addition of author, title, sub-title is done in a mere few minutes.

Excellent Support Community

WordPress is backed up by excellent support from a diverse online community. You can find several forums online with the most popular FAQs for the platform.

Highly Scalable

It is easy to upgrade your WordPress account in case you wish to take it public really soon.

Open Source Platform

Since it is an open source platform, you have the freedom to use your own set of code to make changes to the theme and design.

Free Themes and Designs

You get hundreds of free templates on the website that allow you to change its looks and feel.

Use of Widgets

WordPress comes in handy with a tonne of widgets that a user can play around with to explore the platform.

Easy Synchronization and Integration

You can easily integrate existing plugins to add functionality.

Highly Secure Network

WordPress is hosted on a highly secure network.

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