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At Artifex online we deliver cutting edge web development solutions. With a staunch software development center and a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals we provide value to the customer by designing exceptional web solutions. We have a setup that is as per the standards of the industry to cater wide-ranging requirements of the client

Artifex Online is one of the prime names in web application development with a diverse team of experts who can work under strict deadlines delivering quality product every time. Our team assists the organizations to fulfill their goals and follow their vision by giving workable solutions.

Customers of Artifex Online are presented with a variety of ideas and themes to develop an application. Their thoughts and concepts are carried forward to the end user through the application. Through a CMS (Content Management System) facility our customers can request and manage over the sites.

With a dedicated and web-whiz team we deliver original and innovative website development services to our customers. We use different web programming platforms as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Zen Cart, X car.

Artifex Online takes pride in being the lead companies for PHP web development in India. Compatibility with all the operating systems, ideal for web development applications and easy maintenance are some of the key benefits that many organizations are using PHP.

Our skilled workforce with a good experience in web application development works through PHP web development, PHP custom development, CMS integration and e-commerce website development.

Some of the features delivered in PHP programing are:

  • Message Boards and forums
  • Blogs
  • Banner and Advertising Management
  • Web content management
  • Shopping carts
  • RSS feeds
  • Product catalogues
  • Event calendars

With some of the advantages we offer our customers over the competitors like skilled person for each project, Quick response in turnaround time, free in depth analysis of project and we charge nominally. So customers, what are you waiting for? Contact Artifex Online today for your web application development projects.

What we do in Web Development:


Magento is an open source e-commerce platform currently going on its version 2.0 with technologies for maximum user engagement, smooth and fluid navigation, and better conversion rates. Our experts are well versed with the technology and have integrated Magento to many e-commerce platforms with stunning results.

Angular Js

This is an open source JavaScript-based web application framework mainly maintained by Google. Understandably, we have experts to cover this aspect of web development as well.

Node Js

Node Js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript environment to execute JavaScript code which we have provided our customers extensive support with.


WordPress is an open source content management and blogging tool based on MySQL.and PHP. Currently, about 20% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress. Obviously, our professionals have vast experience using this tool to bring about great results for our customers.


Laravel is another open source PHP based web framework used for web application development. The expertise we possess in Laravel development is unmatched to any other in the industry.


Yii is yet another PHP based open source web application framework currently on its 2.0.12 version which our experts have mastered to provide you with the best services.


This is an open source web framework written in PHP and uses prominent software design patterns and engineering concepts. We are powered by industry experts to tackle all your needs in this department as well.


PHP is a programming language used primarily for web development. Currently going on its version 7.1, PHP is extensively used in combination with technologies like MySQL to create high-quality websites. Undoubtedly, our experts will handle all your PHP related issues with great skill.


This is an open source web framework used in the development of dynamic websites, currently in its 3.1.6 version.


Drupal is a free and open source CMS framework that acts as a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of all websites on the internet. Invariably, you can rely on our skilled professionals for your next Drupal-powered web development.


OpenCart is an e-commerce software using PHP, MySQL and HTML components and is one of the early e-commerce platforms that hit the market. It is compatible with a number of languages and currencies. Currently going on its version, it is responsible for around 6% of the total global e-commerce volumes. We can boast of having professionals who are thorough with OpenCart’s technologies and will provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients.


Joomla is another open source CMS written in PHP that enables easy publishing of web content. It is the second most used CMS after WordPress, and our team of experts can handle all your needs regarding Joomla as well.

With demonstrated expertise in all the technologies and software mentioned above, our company is geared with the best skills you can imagine to make your online dream a reality. Feel free to contact us and start your web journey with Artifex today.

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We have been dealing with “Artifex Online” since their entry in the IT Business,They are extremely Skilled,co-operative,and enthusiastic, Artifex Online have worked on various projects for Us and all of them have been successful so far,Hence we recommend “Artifex online” For any of your Web Development Needs. …

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Bernadette Butson

I m “delighted” to give a recommendation and referral of “Artifex Online”, They have developed 2 websites for my business and I find them very tech savvy, professional and promt. “Artifex Online” are a value for money and I have my full recommendation..

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