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Magento, The Only Sensible Choice for eCommerce Web Development

Magento is one of the fastest growing web development frameworks in the world today. Following the footsteps of Amazon online store, a lot of the other businesses have launched their own eCommerce stores. Although there are several viable platform options for eCommerce web development, Magento is the only one that people prefer using nowadays.

So, what makes Magento so popular? Here are the top 5 reasons why Magento is the only sensible choice for eCommerce website development.

Inbuilt CMS Options

It is important for an eCommerce website to present the articles that it is selling in the most presentable way. Unlike most of the other platforms that require the assistance of an external CMS (Content Management System) to properly align the articles on display, Magento has an inbuilt feature that does the same for it.
Therefore, you don’t need to purchase a separate CMS package for the integration of a CMS functionality on your website’s interface. Apart from this, Magento is also an SEO friendly platform. This feature allows the website to rank higher than the competitive websites developed on some other platform.

Well-Organized Inventory Management

If you are not building a website on the Magento platform, you need to purchase another software called, ERP, that is Enterprise Resource Portal to effectively manage all the inventory that you plan on selling. Magento has the inventory management functionality built-in to the framework. This not only reduces the overall cost of development of the website but also helps the website owner to avail all the pertinent information about the sales and orders on a singular platform.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Functionalities

Most eCommerce businesses thrive on the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell. This fact stands truer in case of websites that are selling multiple versions of a singular product. Take for example a website selling only iPhones and related accessories. This website needs to up-sell a new iPhone every time one is released. They also need to invest in cross-selling the related accessories to increase the flow of their revenue stream.

Easy Newsletter Campaigning

Newsletter campaigning helps the marketers to stay in touch with the potential customers as well as lost clients to sell them the product. Running a newsletter campaign on Magento based website is easy since you can easily capture all the information of the users from the website into a CRM integration.

Responsive Interface

In the world of eCommerce websites, speed determines the winner. If your website is not responsive and fast enough to load, the customer might easily move on to another website offering a similar product. Magento offers a fast and responsive website design. This kind of design ensures that you don’t lose customers only because your website’s response time was slow.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Magento web development team, get in touch with us at Artifex Online. We have helped several businesses create comprehensive Magento-based websites in the past to help them take their sales online.

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